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We value “Informed Consent”.

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We believe that the most important thing in dental treatment is building a relationship of trust with patients. Sharing information is essential for that.
At our hospital, we value informed consent, which is taking time of interview and carefully explain about the period and cost of treatment.

Certified as “Family Dentist Functional Enhancement Dental Clinic"

We have been certified as a "Family Dentist Function-Enhanced Dental Clinic" with a full range of preventive treatments that extend the healthy life expectancy.
You can get effective preventive dentistry through insurance treatment.

The emphasis is on chewing correctly.


Proper chewing helps reduce gastrointestinal burden, stimulates taste and touch, and prevents tooth decay and bad breath due to increased saliva.
It is also believed that chewing will increase blood flow to the brain and activate the brain, which will help prevent dementia and aspiration pneumonia.
In addition, increasing the number of times you chew will tighten your facial muscles, which will rejuvenate wrinkles, sagging, and aged mouth.

Careful attention is paid to minimize pain.

Although anesthesia can be used for pain-free treatment, we also minimize pain during injection of anesthesia. Surface anesthesia is performed in advance to suppress the puncture pain of the anesthetic injection needle, and the use of an ultrafine injection needle causes irritation to the pain point where pain is felt.
In addition, by using a cordless electric syringe that warms the anesthesia drug to about body temperature and keeps the pressure constant by IC control, pressure pain when the drug comes in is suppressed.


Chairman Hiroaki Suda


At the Shin-Okubo Dental Clinic of the Jinyokai Medical Corporation, ensuring safety and security centered on the founder's spirit of "Delighting patients," "Helping a large number of patients" and "Friendly care", and to provide quality medical services that are trusted and trusted.
For that purpose, all the staff always strive for self-transformation (self-evolution) and self-improvement (brush-up).
I try to act with below things in my mind.
"Heart"... keep promise
"Righteousness"...doing the right thing
"Jin"... Caring for the other person

Dream as a Dentist

As many patients turn possible to chew quickly and enjoying it.
In addition, I hope that we will be able to live up to our expectations and achieve even better results, extending our healthy life expectancy.

Specialized Diseases

I am good at all-round such as root canal treatment, periodontal disease treatment, denture (partial denture/full denture), occlusal treatment, implant, etc.

Year of birth: 1962
Education: Kanagawa Dental University
Hometown: Tokushima

Favorite Words / Altruistic heart

Hobby / Walking, Running, Delicious meal, Watching Netflix

Respect Person / Mr. Shigeo Nagashima, Mr. Kakuei Tanaka

What’s Important / 8 hours of sleep, keep own rhythm routine

Director Yoshiko Suda


"We want to support the health of many people through food," and this business opens in this area for 65 years.
As the average life expectancy of a person is extended, the content desired for dental treatment has changed in various ways.
The basis of treatment is a wide range of support and effective use of insurance medical treatment for infants and bedridden elderly people.
In order to further enhance it, we have acquired the “Family Dentist Function Enhanced Dental Clinic” certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
On top of that, we aim to become a clinic with established upgraded treatment skills so that we can maintain a healthy life expectancy and meet the expectations of the individual's desired oral environment.

Dream as a Dentist

Creating a clinic that combines the latest medical technology with the expansion of regional medical care

Specialized Diseases

General treatment from infants to adults and visiting dentistry

Education: Kanagawa Dental University

Favorite Words / Harmony

Hobby / Classic and art appreciation, Travel

Respect Person / Mr. Kohnosuke Matsushita

What’s Important / Efforts to think about the essence of things

Assistant Director Yoshie Inoko


I take the philosophy of our hospital as our basic stance and treat it with aspiration.
I would like to listen to the requests and concerns of each patient and provide the best treatment for each patient.
In addition, I will continue to pursue a wide range of skills and knowledge so that we can support medical care that is advancing day by day.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
We support your health promotion.

Dream as a Dentist

Patients who met me, everyone can feel "happy to eat" and "happy to eat"

Specialized Diseases

Comprehensive medical care (Periodontal, root, caries, defect prosthesis: Denture, implant)

Education: The Nippon Dental University
Hometown: Tokushima

Favorite Words / The difference between a famous person and an ordinary person is the difference in the amount of something

Hobby / Watching Netflix, Dining with friends

Respect Person / Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Masayoshi Son

What’s Important / Always be a medical person Health management

General Dentist Yoshinori Yamada


Doing the best medical treatment every day for the patient can go back to home with a smile, after the treatment.
If you have any concerns about any symptoms, please contact us.
We will do our best for the patient.

Dream as a Dentist

To become a dentist who wants patients to have their teeth examined throughout their lives.

Specialized Diseases

Caries treatment, root canal treatment, periodontal disease treatment, denture treatment, bite treatment

Education: The Nippon Dental University
Hometown: Ehime

Favorite Words / Mutual prosperity

Hobby / Walking, Cooking, Camping

Respect Person / My Father

What’s Important / Incorporating new things in daily life.


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